Text Us Upon Arrival to Check In for a Visit

When you arrive in our parking lot, please send a text message to us at the number 703-952-7203. In that text message please tell us the patient's full name and that the patient has arrived for their appointment. You should expect to receive a response within a few minutes with instructions about when to proceed to the front door. At the front door, a staff member will ask you some screening questions and take your forehead temperature. If you do not receive a response within 3 minutes to the text message you sent us, please verify that you texted the correct number, and please text us again. If you do not receive a text response within 3 minutes after a second attempt, please call our office at 703-212-SKIN (-7546). If you are not able to reach a live person at this phone number, please knock on the front door for assistance. Please note that our text number is only functional around the normal business hours of the day.