Topical Retinoid: Refissa

RefissaDiscover the new tretinoin cream that everyone is talking about! Refissa cream 0.05% is a prescription-strength topical cream that is clinically proven to reduce fine facial lines and mottled hyperpigmentation in patients who also protect themselves from the sun.

With consistent use, Refissa can:
     • Diminish fine lines on face
     • Fade irregular pigmentation due to the sun
     • Make your skin smoother and softer

Benefits compared with other retinoid acid products are:
     • Proven clinical efficacy
     • FDA approval
     • Fragrance free
     • Moisturizing, emollient base

How does it work?
     • It contains tretinoin, a prescription-strength form of vitamin A
     • Works deep at the skin’s cellular level to increase collagen
     • Also works by increasing epidermal cell turnover, providing smoother skin
     • Expect your skin texture and tone to improve in 24 weeks

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